What is InterSystems IRIS?

Certainly! Below are useful links for each point to provide additional information and resources related to InterSystems IRIS:

1. Multi-Model Database

Learn more about how InterSystems IRIS supports multiple data models to suit various application needs.

2. High-Performance SQL

Explore the SQL capabilities of InterSystems IRIS, designed for high performance and efficiency.

3. Integrated Analytics

Discover the integrated analytics tools available in InterSystems IRIS for real-time data analysis.

4. Scalability and High Availability

Understand how InterSystems IRIS ensures scalability and high availability for mission-critical applications.

5. Interoperability

Find out about the extensive interoperability features of InterSystems IRIS, facilitating seamless connections with other systems and data sources.

6. Cloud-Native Deployment

Explore deployment options for InterSystems IRIS, including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

7. Advanced Security

Learn about the advanced security features of InterSystems IRIS designed to protect sensitive data and ensure authorized access.

8. Comprehensive Development Tools

Discover the development tools provided by InterSystems IRIS to enhance productivity and streamline application development.

9. Extensive Ecosystem

Connect with the InterSystems developer community and explore the ecosystem of partners and third-party tools.

10. Support for Various Programming Languages

Explore how developers can interact with InterSystems IRIS using various programming languages, including Java, .NET, Python, and others.